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In addition to the nice words below, you are welcome to visit any of our customer sites to contact our clients directly.

“"I have no hesitation recommending the Alumni Channel to other educational establishments. If you're looking for the kind of customer support which puts you on a down to earth level between provider and client, then I highly recommend Alumni Channel."

“I am very pleased with this software and I see it having great potential within our community. For someone who has very basic technical skills, I did not have much trouble at all figuring out how to navigate the site and change its settings. Customer service is excellent and I could not have asked for a better support system when building this database. Very friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend this product to others!”

“The staff made our transition from our old web host to Alumni Channel a delight and it was very easy. Feedback from alumni members has been very favorable as to ease of navigating around the website. We had excellent training and even now when ever there's a question we get an answer almost immediately. If you are thinking of setting up a new website, give these guys a call, they are the best.”


This link includes product reviews that have been submitted to Capterra by our former and current customers.